Magnificent Journey

Edmonton Creative Musician's Collective.

Deeksha Records DK 112




Magnificent Journey: Audio Samples

Magnificent Journey 44:44 Samples (actually complete songs)
Cavernous Adventure 7:03 Hear the song
No Prisoners 5:02 Hear the song
The unheard Quintet 35:54 Hear the song

Magnificent Journey: Album Information

Magnificent Journey features improvisations by the Edmonton Creative Musician's Collective. Organized by pianist Glen Halls and drummer Gary Checora, these tracks were performed live as part of the Explorations Creative Music Concert Series which occurred in Edmonton in 2008. The first three songs on this album were performed on June 24th, 2008.

The last song 'the unheard quintet' was recorded at the University of Alberta Studio 7 in Edmonton in March of 2007. The title refers to the size of the audience!




Magnificent Journey:

Cavernous Adventure:

No Prisoners:


The Unheard Quintet: